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I live in Washington, DC with my wonderful wife and kid. Hobbies include baking cheesecakes, playing goalie on three rec league teams, and creating puzzle hunts, which live on my mostly-defunct blog.

We're expecting our second kid in early May, and at that point I'll exiting my leadership role at Analyst Institute to focus on being a full-time parent for a few months.


My background is in campaigns and analytics. I've worked for several Democratic campaigns, including multiple presidential. My first role was around resource allocation (e.g., where/when to air ads and send the candidate). I then moved on to polling, with the Mellman Group, before joining the DCCC as targeting director for the 2012 cycle.

Currently, I am Executive Director of the Analyst Institute, the hub for rigorous evidence in the progressive community. We help campaigns and organizations optimize and evaluate their programs, often through randomized controlled trials. These partners are encouraged to share with the entire community so we can learn from each other and innovate faster than the other side.

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